Monday, December 5, 2016

No Peeking

One December, when we were teenagers, my brother found his Christmas present while snooping around the garage.

"I found a brand new snowboard in the loft!" he confessed to me. I mentioned the find to my mom, and she told my brother that we were hiding it for our neighbor's son for Christmas. "Aww, Trevor is so lucky."

On Christmas morning, my brother, sister, and I always got one big present from Santa. That year, my sister got a handmade jewelry box. I got a stereo that held 6 CDs. My brother got a pillow in the shape of a shark, which was his favorite animal... when he was five.

"I knew you would either love it or hate it!" my mom said to him. My brother was a good sport about it.

When we had all opened all of our other presents, we brought out the snowboard.

"I was so mad!" he said with joy.