Wednesday, June 29, 2016


Generally, as an English major, I've had to tone down the natural inclination to correct grammar so that I can have friends. I still occasionally find myself correcting people if they misuse a word or completely butcher a sentence. I've concluded that sometimes this is beneficial for people, even if we want to encourage the organic development of the English language.

My boyfriend's roommate was signing up for classes online, and he was audibly frustrated.

"I'm already taking a lot of credits, and my friend is trying to get me to take this class. He's totally pigeonholing me!"

"You're not using that word right."

"Pigeonholing? Yeah, he's trying to manipulate me..."

"No, 'pigeonholing' is assuming someone fits a stereotype."

"No it doesn't!" He looked up the word online, and his face dropped. "Oh." He tried three online dictionaries. Then, he looked up the word on Urban Dictionary. It said something about pooping on someone's windshield when they do something to upset you. "That's what he did. That's what I meant the whole time."