Sunday, January 26, 2014


In my creative writing club, we were talking about what makes a good story, and what sort of details make a story convincing. So I decided to tell ghost stories with the girls.

Since the sun sets at 4:00, it was already dark outside when we turned off the lights and sat in a circle on the floor. We used a cell phone to light up our faces as we told all of the cliché stories. It got a bit scarier every time we heard one that hadn’t been told before.

One girl told a story about a woman who murdered her boyfriend and threw him into the river behind her house. At night, when she was in her bathroom, she saw him standing by the river through the window. She ran outside, but he wasn’t there. Every night the figure got closer to the window, so she shut the curtain.
Anyway, the story builds up, and is scary, and has windows in it. After the girl finished there was a stunned silence in the room until one of the other girls said, “Has the window been open the whole time!?”
And at that moment a breeze came in through the window of the classroom, ruffling the curtains. We all screamed, even me!

I hope they didn’t get too distracted from their homework in the library.
We turned on the lights and told some happy stories before getting back into theory.

I was a little bit scared locking up the school that night.