Wednesday, November 13, 2013


Yesterday was my day off, and I was on my way to get cocktails with my friend when we were lured to the front of the Ashmoleon Museum by the light of large torches. We wondered what event was happening, so we went to the front doors. There were guards there that asked to see our student IDs. Luckily enough we both had our old ones with us, and they let us into the museum.

It was a bit surreal. There was an acapella group performing, and it echoed around the museum. We got free beer tickets, and were told that we could go on free tours, sing karaoke, and play games. There was a gargoyle making class too.

After having some drinks and learning a load of random facts about Islamic art, I made a beautiful gargoyle for my sister that she is really going to treasure and appreciate for…ever (if you’re reading this, Anna, you’re welcome—and sorry to spoil the surprise… well, I guess you’d probably be better off warned).

Nothing too mischievous happened. But it was a random (albeit awesome) way to spend the evening!