Thursday, November 28, 2013

Talk Fit

I alternate running a club on Wednesdays after school called Keep-Fit with another girl, where I make the girls do wall-sits, run ladders, do workout videos, plank, race, and play games. Sometimes I take them on jogs or to use the school fitness suite. We often end up bantering and telling stories while we exercise. 

The girls are getting progressively lazier as the holidays approach. A few weeks ago, when we were doing wall-sits, one of the girls asked (in earnest) if we could do chair-sits instead: “… and we can just see who can sit in a chair the longest.” I’ve had to start bribing them to run by promising the winner a pack of Oreos (yes, I realize the irony).

Last week, the gym was being used, so we had to go into the fitness suite. Most of the girls were at a drama performance, so I only had to look after three of them (ages 11 and 12). They waffled about, and one of them said, “Can we do ‘Talk-Fit’ instead, and talk about people who are fit? And eat doughnuts?” I laughed, which I think encouraged them. While they fiddled with weights and walked on the treadmill we started to tell stories and secrets. As the secrets got more exciting the exercise became less.. existent. By the end of the class we were all gathered on a mat in the middle of the fitness suite, telling each other about doorbell ditching and shipping the teachers.

The secrets were so juicy that I think I put on a few pounds.