Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Like Grandfather Like Granddaughter

Sometimes I am ridiculous. Luckily, there are times when I can blame it on something like my nationality (“Oh, uh, in America everyone dances like this.”) or my home state (“Is this weird? Mormons don’t think this is weird.”). When I travel I can blame it on jetlag. So here are some accounts of my jetlagged brain.

I went to California this last week to visit my boyfriend, and on Halloween, like the fancy people that we are, we went to the opera to see The Flying Dutchman. It was amazingly well done, and the orchestra was incredible. Here’s a quick synopsis of the play--

The Dutchman is condemned to sail in an invincible ship and never die because he appealed to Satan to save his life during a storm, and Satan cursed him. The only way he can break the curse is to have a woman be loyal to him until death. He’s allowed to go to shore every seven years. He meets a Captain who promises his daughter to him, and the daughter falls in love with him. He returns to her, and some other possessory rival who wanted to marry her is being a prat. The Dutchman overhears the prat and the girl speaking and thinks she stopped being loyal. He goes back to his ship, and the girl drowns herself to break his curse, and then they both die.

Wow, I should write for Sparknotes. So succinct.

Anyway—I was severely jetlagged, and because the play was so fantastic, I only fell asleep for less than five minutes… during the final scene.

“So… They lived happily ever after, right?”


My flight to the airport was at 11, so we woke up at 6 to get ready, make coffee, pack, and go to the airport. In a morning rush of finding the right terminal, and being emotional, we were having some trouble finding my gate. My boyfriend said, “Wait a minute.” He typed a few things into his phone, and then a curious expression formed on his face.

“What?!” I asked, thinking that we must’ve been in the wrong part of the airport.

“11… PM.” Ahh, apparently my English major did not prepare me for close readings of travel itineraries.