Thursday, October 3, 2013

The Staff Prank

I run a creative writing club at the school on Thursdays called The Inklings. It is only an hour long, but it is usually the highlight of my week. The girls are creative and fun, and they all have unique styles of writing.

Today we talked about dialogue, and how developing dialogue is a good way to develop characters if it is consistent and believable. I gave them an exercise in which they had to use dialogue to describe two characters having an argument.

As an exposition to what you are about to read, know that the teachers at the school are all lovely. The headmistress is stern and matter-of-fact, while always carrying a picnic basket full of daily necessities. She is like Mother Goose, and she looks after everyone. The PE teacher, Miss Byrne, is new this year. She is quite fun, but a bit tentative, and she has loads of idiosyncratic expressions. There is one male teacher, Mr Samuels, who everyone knows, and who makes the older office ladies a big giggly.

The following was written by a girl who looks like Luna Lovegood:

The Staff Prank

            “It wasn’t funny,” Miss Byrne said, her cheeks flushed. “But… I can’t believe you did that in the staff room in front of everyone! The look on Mr Samuels’s face! I’ll never be taken seriously again!” Tears stung her eyes.
            “Oh, lighten up Miss Byrne, it was only a joke. And anyway, I am the headmistress, I can do what I like!” Mrs. Jefferson grinned at Miss Byrne. “Don’t cry— people will think Wychwood is a horrible place!”
            “But, a fart cushion? Really?” Miss Byrne left the room in a flood of tears, slamming the door on her way out.