Wednesday, October 30, 2013

In the Spirit of Halloween

It was four in the morning, and I awoke to a scratching noise. Was it scratching? I imagined that someone was knocking at my door. I opened my eyes, and I heard it again. I got out of bed, and walked over to the door. I hesitatingly opened it, and looked left and right, but no one was in the corridor. Then—AH! Someone grabbed my foot, like in a freaking horror movie!

I looked down, and one of the girls was one the floor. Her eyes were as big as golf balls, and she was moaning. My first instinct as a Catholic during the Halloween season was to call a priest to have her exorcised. But, as I became more awake, I kept calm and asked her where she hurt and what the matter was. I tried to give her ibprofin, but she wouldn’t take it.

I went to the housemistress, and when she came to my room the girl muttered about pain, and insisted on an ambulance. The housemistress called one, and I went outside to direct it. The medics came in, took her vitals, and asked her the same questions that I did. She went with them to the hospital. I stayed awake to inform the office of what had happened, and to see what had happened at the ER.

After the whole hullaballoo it was discovered that it was period pains. Super great way to start the day.