Monday, October 14, 2013

Boots with the Fur

One of the girls at the school is tiny and a little bit slow. She is perfectly lovely, and spends loads of time reading, but she likes to mosey and she has a bit of OCD. Because she is so sweet, despite many of the setbacks that she causes because of her tardiness, she is the favorite of many of the staff members. The other day, I was helping her pack and get ready for a canoeing trip, and I told her to tell me about it when she got back to school.

I have a pair of fur boots that I’ve been wearing since the weather decided to hate me. They have fur on the outside, and they are lined with sheepskin on the inside. They are like magic slippers. I had them propped on the chair in front of me when the girl came to tell me about canoeing.

At first she just looked at the shoes while she talked, and then she kept searching for more things to say. Finally, she relented, and she just started petting my shoes like you would pet a cat. She was so happy about it (maybe she was feeling pet-deprived), that I just let her pet my shoes until she was content.

Weird little thing. I think she’s one of my favorites now too.