Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Age Polarity

There is a divide between the younger women and the older women who work in the office. We younger women are far more optimistic, living in our prime. The older women complain about everything, gossip about the girls at the school, and lose all sense of coherency when a male enters the office. We younger girls sometimes discuss how much better we are at handling drama, and how much less prone we are to gossiping about co-workers.

The other day, when we were discussing such things (notably how one of the older ladies in the office had a scandalous past before coming to the school) one of the day-girls at the school went outside the gates to talk to a boy. All of us sneakily crowded around a window to see the interaction, when the girl began to argue with the boy and cry. The housemistress next to me popped up and ran outside to make the girl come in the gates while the rest of us ducked down, faces still fogging up the window. It was at this time that the new IT guy came in to check if a printer was working, and we all leapt to our feet and started bantering like we had been uninterested all along…

The moral of the story is that we younger women are clearly superior.