Thursday, September 5, 2013

Disney Questions

The other day I was in the office, helping to grade papers. The headmistress had put together a 200 question quiz for the girls, and the highest marks in each year would be given a prize.

It was all a muddle of busywork to me, but the questions were cute. They had questions about authors, quotations, famous duos, and things of that sort. They had a section about Disney characters. The questions went along the lines of, “Who has a midnight curfew?” And the girls would write, “Cinderella” for a check.

There were a few questions of which few students knew the answer. On the Disney section it was, “Who was Pongo’s wife in 101 Dalmations?” The answer was “Perdy” but when I was in the office, quietly toiling, I burst out laughing because one of the students had written “Predator”.

… I’d watch that film.