Saturday, September 14, 2013

Cleaning London

I always make fun of my mom and dad for being pedantic when they pack their suitcases, making sure that everything is tucked away in the right place in the right bag. I just make sure that I have everything that I need, and just a few things that I don’t, and hope for the best.

Well when my suitcase was in commute to the UK, probably over the Bermuda Triangle (hush if you’ve ever looked at a map), my shampoo popped open and spilt all over a pile of my things. I washed off my black flats in my shower when I got to Oxford, and I wore them a few times.

But an unfortunate habit of the weather in the UK is that it rains sometimes. I went on a trip to London with the school to tour The National Theater and Parliament, and it began pouring cats and dogs.

The rubbing of my tights in my flats activated the shampoo (science), and foam started erupting out of my shoes. I trailed it across London, leaving a pleasant smelling confusion in my wake. The bus driver made a joke about me walking up and down the bus to give it a good clean.

Today I think I’ll buy some new flats.