Friday, August 23, 2013

Uncle George at the Airport

Everyone in my family has a story about Uncle George. He has a mental impairment, and is endearingly naïve. He also likes to stir the pot and cause trouble.

Once, my family took Uncle George on a flight. They got to the airport two hours early, per usual (probably why I have a habit of walking onto planes 3 minutes before takeoff). Uncle George was bored, and he narrated what was happening out the airport window at the terminal.

He talked to himself for half an hour, narrating the planes landing, “Three, two, one, touchdown! I bet a famous actor is on that plane. It is currently coming into the gate…” Everyone in the terminal could hear him, but everyone was busy reading and waiting for the plane to arrive.

Then, Uncle George said, “Another plane is coming in for a landing, and it’s coming in too fast! Crash! Fire everywhere!” Everyone in the now-crowded terminal leapt to their feet and rushed to the window.

Uncle George came quickly back and took a seat between my grandparents and was silent until their flight boarded.