Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Never Sleep

I moved into a house for a temporary spell this summer, and I was placed with the silliest of characters in my room. He actually owned the house, and he was an extroverted, fit, goofy egoist, and he grew on me pretty quickly.

He was taking summer classes and his alarm, the ‘Good Morning’ song from ‘Singing in the Rain’, would wake him up around six every morning. He got into the habit of waking me up at this hour if the alarm didn’t do the trick. And he’d wake me up from naps when I’d crash after the morning adrenaline rush. But it was never sufficient for him to shake my shoulder, or simply say my name. He had to wake me up in the scariest of ways in order for him to feel good about having class so early in the mornings.

Once, I woke up when I heard my name being said softly. My eyes peeked open, and he was an inch from my face, staring at me! If you wake up and see eyes, I can guarantee it’s one of the creepiest things that will ever happen to you. I screamed, and he just giggled.

Another time, I woke up and his finger was on my front teeth. I yelled and spat, and he responded with, “Wow, you’re a really heavy sleeper. When I do this to other people they wake up immediately, but I touched every single one of your teeth.”

“Oh my Go—Gross!”

I was taken aback for awhile, but then I started to expect it and my body would stop reverting to survival mode... and now I kinda miss that kid.