Saturday, August 31, 2013

Dobby's Sock

I finally got to the boarding school in Oxford where I am working this year. It is the loveliest place, and Harry Potter references abound. It is full of passages and quirks, and the people that work here are all exceedingly nice.

I was wearing my Steve Madden boots. They are fancy and practical, but one of them is a bit too big. While the other is snug, the left boot rubs against the back of my foot and gives me horrible blisters. So I sometimes put an extra sock in my boot, just to fill the empty space.

The Headmistress came up the stairs the other day, while I was helping in the office, and said in her chiming English accent, “Oh this school! How in the world did this get here!?” She chuckled, and came up to the office where I was working with a woman who resembles the journalist from Bridget Jones’s Diary. “Anyone lost a stinky sock!” she joked, holding my sock up in the doorway.

“That’s, eh, that’s mine.” Hilarity ensued, and they tried to make me feel less embarrassed, which was so lovely.. and so unsuccessful.