Monday, August 12, 2013

Are You a Wizard?

At the University of Utah there is a little theater, and the people in charge of student government and resident groups host movies there on occasion. Once, they decided to have a Harry Potter day and play two of the films. There was a costume contest with prizes.

Not only do I have an affinity for winning prizes (I have at least 50 free t-shirts from college), but I am a Harry Potter freak. I spent a whole day getting my costume ready. I had majestic robes that my friend made me for our high school graduation, a hat, a wand, and my dad made me a contraption so that a stuffed owl could sit on my shoulder. It was the whole nine yards.

I got to the theater, brimming with confidence, and when I walked in I realized that I was the only one who had dressed up. Eyebrows raised. Asian foreign exchange students were taking pictures of me. It was so embarrassing.

… Point is, I won the contest! I got a very nice pen that is disguised as a plastic wand. Worth it.