Saturday, July 20, 2013

Waking Up Joseph

My brother isn’t a morning person. Normally he’s a nice guy, but not in the mornings. He’s downright angry, not just a bit cranky, when someone wakes him from his slumber.

Once, I was staying at my sister’s apartment, and I was going to leave early the next day to visit my friend in Stanford. My brother and his friend had come to visit, and they were sleeping in the living room.

I got up and made some pancakes, and threw my stuff in my car to leave. I had some extra pancakes, so I decided to give them to Joseph before I left.

“Psst, Joseph—”  His eyes opened, and his face curved into a glare. It was dark in the apartment, but I could’ve sworn that his eyes were glowing red.

“Go to hell,” he said in a deep, throaty voice.

“Oh, uh, do you, do you want some breakfast?” I said, holding up the plate of pancakes. Suddenly, his demeanor changed. His forehead lost its creases, and he looked up at the plate of pancakes.

“I love you!” he said happily.

He sat up, ate all the pancakes, and then went right back to sleep.

I think I found a way to tame the monster.