Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Doorbell Ditching

I have so many stories from playing nightgames during my childhood. All of the kids in the neighborhood would get together on Friday and Saturday nights to play ghost in the graveyard, Mary Bloody Mary, tag, and all the usual sorts of games. We’d also get into shenanigans and doorbell-ditch the houses on our street. The people that we thought we hoodwinked were mostly parents of kids playing and knowing neighbors. One old lady used to make us baked goods.

One day we decided to up our game. One of our neighbors, Pete, who was really dark and skinny, agreed to be duck-taped. We covered his mouth, bound his arms, and made it look as if we had bound his legs. Then we went up the street to an old couple’s house. We put Pete on the doorstep and we all hid around the yard.

An old man opened the door, and when he saw Pete bound up on his doorstep he exclaimed and went to fetch his wife. When the old man was out of sight, Pete stood up and ran off to hide in a field. When the man came back with his wife, Pete had seemingly vanished.

“What’re you talkin’ ‘bout!” the woman said to her husband, retreating back into the house.

The man, intent on proving that he wasn’t crazy, came outside and searched for us for quite awhile. It took some skill to maneuver behind the trashcans at the far end of his driveway, but he never found us.