Thursday, July 25, 2013

Ballerina Swears

One of my best friends in the world is a ballerina. She is, hands down, the sweetest and most thoughtful person that I have ever met. Every conversation I have with her is sweet and fun, even though sometimes I have to censor my stories to her so that I don’t sound like a demon hellspawn by comparison. She doesn’t swear, get drunk, speak meanly of anyone, or boast about herself (even though she’s achieved quite a lot). Paragon of innocence, and lovely to boot!

One day, when we lived together in the honors house during our first year at the university, we were bantering. She had told me something that she was embarrassed about, which was silly, and I was teasing her about it. She was giggling and embarrassed, and then she said, “Oh be quiet, you fucker!”

Her face paled. Her hand shot to cover her mouth, and her eyes opened wide in shock.

“I meant to say ‘fun sucker’ but it came out too fast!” she said, horrified.

I burst out laughing, and we both laughed about it so much that we fell on the floor. She was more embarrassed about swearing than she had been about whatever I had been teasing her about in the first place.